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91. Ravenfyre Apr. 04. 2011 08:09
Excuse the double post again, but where was the Miracle Dress at Excalibur? I only knew about Miracle Armor...
92. Sir Marius Apr. 04. 2011 08:18
I was the one who posted about excalibur :P I forgot to type a name I think. Have you checked in the empty prison cell which requires the cell key? Have you examined the 1x1 island in the middle of the map?
93. Ravenfyre Apr. 04. 2011 10:52
Marius, what city is that cell in?
94. Sir Marius Apr. 04. 2011 11:09
Let me check afterwards and tell you because I'm not home at the moment :) have no worries.

If anyone finds where the excalibur is, let me know!!!! :)
95. Sir Marius Apr. 04. 2011 11:09
I found the miracle dress in the cave after the black dragon
96. Mr Dobalina Apr. 04. 2011 19:24
Could excalibur be from talking to the girl after getting 100% completion?
97. nilechim Apr. 04. 2011 19:45
Where is the green gem I beat the green dragon and didn't get it
98. Jed Apr. 04. 2011 20:58
The white gem is in howards castle you must have the cell key then go to the middle cell and walk forward search and you have it

Where is excalibur admin

99. animike Apr. 04. 2011 21:01
i found all the gems accidentally. just by playing the game and investigating the parts or areas that are suspicious. can't really remember where i got them.

to Helper... where is excalibur then? i'm suspecting the game has it coz i only have 97%
100. Admin Apr. 04. 2011 23:07
In regards to Excalibur...

Here's a hint,

you have to defeat the defeat the Demon King first.
It will be in a new area that opens up.
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