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36. Bill May. 25. 2011 17:51
So when will part 2 come out to purchase for the iPhone market
37. Helper May. 25. 2011 18:35
Bill, please don't spam in both walkthrough forums. Please read 29
38. Bill May. 25. 2011 18:58
Sorry, just was bored.
39. Martin May. 26. 2011 04:42
Does anyone know how to get the Truth stone? Some man told that something is hidden on the upper part of town castle... but I cant find anything. Does anyone know? Or cell key, but I think I need this stone firs.
40. moph May. 27. 2011 14:05
I need cell key, truth stone and bomb I have the fuse what to do next?
41. Bill May. 27. 2011 18:05
I got an motorola xoom android yesterday, and downloaded gailardia 2, I played it for a little bit and all of a sudden it goes to a small screen and tells me I have to force exit or something like that, why? Is there a bug in this game? It doesn't do it in any other game I downloaded. Can this be fixed? Sometimes it does it 2 minutes into it and other times 10 - 15 minutes not sure why. Admin, can you look into this or what should I do any ideas?
42. Admin May. 27. 2011 19:18
Hi Bill,

We will look into this now.
43. dantediss May. 28. 2011 08:30
Wow this game is awesome, its ALOT harder than the original but thats fine. One complaint though there is ALOT ALOT ALOT of grinding for money and levels

44. dantediss May. 28. 2011 09:33
And oh man just found out , thought i had all 7 gems . Urns out i have six and one pearl, damn now im stuck looking for 4 more pearls and a gem ughhhh
45. dantediss May. 28. 2011 10:39
The truth stone is in the raiton castle or whatever ot was called. In the town area go to the upper right where theres an old man by a tree stump. Walk down 7 spots from the tree stump and then 3 spots left and search stairs will appear, search around there and your good to go
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