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21. mike Mar. 29. 2011 10:01
22. mike Mar. 29. 2011 10:07
Anybody found the other pieces of armor yet?
23. Mar. 29. 2011 13:13
What do you do after you get the boat? I went to a cave and fought a dragon though lost. Where all the new towns at?

24. Admin Mar. 29. 2011 17:32
23 When you have access to the boat, you can travel around to a few other cities and caves you couldn't before on foot. If you have the map, you should target areas you haven't explored.

Also when fighting the Demon King's minions, I recommend that you use all defensive skills at your disposal and make sure you heal your party if their hp gets below 70% (Since the boss monsters hit hard).

If all else fails, then you will have to level up a bit more and buy the strongest equipment available for you. (Explore your the towns you visit with teleport and see which one sells the best ones for you, usually your last town on the teleport list)

Good luck! :D
25. chubbs Mar. 29. 2011 18:23
I have the hero shield and helm. But I can't find the sword or other piece of armor. Any body know where they are
26. mike Mar. 29. 2011 21:49
Where did you find the shield?
27. nilechim Mar. 29. 2011 22:44
1st. best game I've found so far. 2nd. Would be nice to have a quest list so I know what need to do. 3rd. How many cities are there totaly u guys have are talking about cites I haven't heard of? Or are u just useing code s as I have to think about it? 420
28. nilechim Mar. 29. 2011 22:49
5th. a potion that restores mp make it cost like 150g
29. nilechim Mar. 29. 2011 23:25
6th. A potion the restores more than 30hp maybe one the restore 100 for 200 gold
30. nilechim Mar. 30. 2011 00:59
Found a bug I think the magic agies(sp) in howard castle adds it bonus without taking out the defense of ur other armor.
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